In the 1960s, as a direct result of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Mass was changed beyond recognition.

Following decades of attempted subversion, in the 1960s, Modernism, which St. Pius X fought and referred to as “the sum of all heresies” began to infect the institutional Church of Christ, which is and always has been the Catholic Church.  The use of Latin, reverence, and essential elements of Catholic doctrine were abandoned. What was meant to bring new members into the Church, instead drove the faithful away. Mass attendance plummeted, belief eroded, vocations to the priesthood became almost non-existent.  Many turned to conservative Protestant sects, not knowing there were alternatives to succumbing to Modernism and the Modernists who began the occupation of the Vatican and eventually all formerly Catholic territory.

At St. Michael the Archangel, like many other independent traditional Catholic churches throughout the World, we remain steadfast to the “old ways”—the Church’s doctrine and worship, from time immemorial, unchanged and unchangeable. The Mass and Christ’s Body and Blood as well as the rest of the Sacraments are offered for and treated for what they are―the holiest thing this side of heaven. We do this without compromise.  We do this without capitulation to any Modernist Ordinary. We preach only the eternal Dogma and Truths of the Catholic faith—we reject Modernism, in all its forms, and any who embrace it, even if he call himself priest, bishop or pope.

At St. Michael the Archangel, one sees the Mass offered only in the ancient and venerable Latin rite, whose cardinal elements remain unchanged since the days when our ancestors in the faith emerged from the catacombs after the Edict of Milan. Each and every Catholic possess by his Baptism a right to authentic doctrine and valid, reverential worship.  This entitlement cannot be denied a Catholic by any priest, bishop, archbishop or even a pope.

Those who would worship and believe as Catholics have always done so should join us at St. Michael the Archangel.  As Our Blessed Lord said, “Come and See.”